How Does A Tactop Plate Carrier Work?

This article is about the tactop plate carrier and how it works. To start off with, this carrier has a simple design, consisting of an arm band with four shoulder straps. The main characteristic of the arm band is the fact that it is in fact a fully lined plastic sleeve. These lined sleeves are made of a material that does not tear easily and is able to resist high pressures and temperatures. Also, the material is heat resistant, meaning that it will not melt or suffer any form of distortion under normal use.

Additionally, the shoulder straps have an extremely high density, which allows them to be extremely comfortable. They are also very well padded to protect the user from any sudden or violent movements, even when you are on the ground. In this way, these plate carriers allow for a very high degree of versatility. The body armor itself however is rather simplistic, as it is just a soft armor placed over your shirts or t-shirts. This soft armor is in fact able to bend around objects, although it cannot be bent into a pouch and carried like a pouch, so it will not increase your chances of having problems with concealment.

The next advantage of this carrier is the fact that it does not have the typical hard armor features you would find in normal vests, such as Kevlar reinforced stitching. Instead, it features extremely soft armor, which allows for a more compact design, making it perfect for close quarter combat. This in turn ensures that you are able to get more out of any tactical situation, and that you will be more effective at defending yourself. Also, if you wish to wear the hard armor vests that you would usually see on military soldiers and other forces, you can do so, but without worrying about getting noticed.